Procedures, Care, and Healing

Having a unified set of procedures that the community has tested and knows to be as low risk as possible is vital to reducing the possibility of someone getting hurt. If we are to stay away from the long arm of the law, and we wish to protect our fellow Grinders, it is vital that we keep this as up to date as possible and monitor it constantly, so that bad information does not creep in.

Implantation Procedures regarding the implantation of devices into the human body, and considerations involved when undergoing this sort of endeavor.

Sterilization Best Practices and techniques for proper sterilization and storage of sterilized equipment

After Care How to ensure that your mods stay nice, functional, and infection free

Pain Management Usually overlooked, but more important than you think.

Emergency procedures What to do if things go wrong. What to do if they go REALLY wrong.

Anesthetics Wait you mean I don't have to feel it? Gimme the juice!

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