This page pertains to sourcing various materials. When jumping into grinding you may have the idea, you may have the design, but where the fuck do you get the parts.

This list should include Grinder friendly companies, no questions asked, and companies that you may have to be less than forth coming when ordering. In the last case some liability may exists and we should be careful about the advice we are giving.

Chemicals - this pertains to non-pharmaceutical chemicals, such as etchant for PCB board, high concentration versions of available chemical such as alcohol and peroxide, and the like.

Biological Materials (DNA, Bacteria, Monkey Brains etc.) - yes, it is true. DirectorX once sourced monkey brains within 24 hours. That why he is the Director with a capital D.

Medical supplies - for implants or harvesting organs, supplies can be found here.

Sources for Implantable Magnets

Grinder Stores - stores where fellow Grinders are selling implants and accessories.

Electronic Components - various components, including commonly used items, as well as know sources for the larger maker community

Independent Lab Testing - places that you can go for “official” third party testing as well as costs associated

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