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Welcome to the Skills Register for biohackers. This resource is made up of volunteers who are willing to assist others and have expertise in fields. This is a crucial component if you were interested in building a team for a project. Please copy the formatting and fill it in to add your information. If you would like to have the information added, please make an account on the [] forum

'If your account has not been visited in 3 months or more you will be removed from this register. Required formatting for entries. Slack/Forum Username(Please Specify Which):<br> Location:<br> Skills:<br> Education/Certifications:<br> Summary: <br> *Please list your specialty/strongest skills as the first item in your summary and make it bold *While a slack account is not required, a form of contact should be listed to make it easier for a newcomer to ask you for help in your area of expertise. ==Registered individuals== ===Current=== Forum and Slack Username: Moonman0922 <br> Location: Rochester, NY<br> Skills:<br> *Basic Chemistry, can follow most procedures *First Aid *Wilderness Survival *Steady with a Needle and Scalpel *Good understanding of medicine and pharmacology *Basic Electronics *Woodworking *Tool Use Education/Certifications: <br> *Currently pursuing EE degree Summary:<br> *Always willing to learn. If you need a hand with an implant in the northeast, I am more than willing to help. <Hr> Slack/forum Username: Meanderpaul(both slack and<br> Location: Sagamore, Ma USA <br> Skills:<br> *HTML5 and CSS Education/certification:<br> *BS wildlife law (wildlife care, law, Basic Biology) Impants:<br> *RFID chip right hand Learning:<br> *biology *chemistry *Robotics *Bioengeering <hr> Forum Username: Satur9<br> Location: Philadelphia<br> Skills: <br> *PCB Design *Electronics *Microcontroller Coding Education/Certifications:<br> *BSET *EIT *CID Summary:<br> Just hackin' away over here.<br> <Hr> ===Pre-2019=== Forum/Slack Username: Cobra_kid <br> Location:<br> Skills:<br> *blacksmith<br> *concept design<br> *metal work<br> *wood work<br> *project management<br> *chemistry(mostly basics with some knowledge into certain areas)<br> *physics(same as chemistry)<br> *minor surgery<br> *piercing<br> *lab write ups/procedures<br> Education/certification: In school for RN<br> <hr> Slack/Forum Username: DocMorbid<br> skills:<br> *'embalming and restorative art/demisurgery.<br> *Gross Anatomy<br> *Suturing<br> *Surgical skill<br> *Sculpting<br> *Resourcefulness<br> *Microbiolog<br> *Chemistry<br> *Circuit Design<br> *Mechanical Engineering<br> *Programming: C, C++, and ASM mostly.<br> *Basic Genetic Manipulation<br> *Tissue Culture and Plant Micropropagation<br> *Really Basic Tissue Engineering<br> Education: Mortuary Science<br> <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: FrankMatheson<br> Location: College student/part time worker living in San Diego, CA.<br> Certifications:<br> *NREMT<br> *FEMA Emergency Management<br> *HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, SQL, Web design.<br> Past Projects:<br> *Kill The Book - eBook website.<br> *SD Underground - Skating website.<br> *Coalition Against Copyright Harassment - What it sounds like.<br> *Storybook Template - Incomplete.<br> *US Gov Poll - A poll for college.<br> *Video Streaming - Pornsite template (sfw).<br> *GML<br> *C<br> *Windows<br> *Woodworking<br> *Welding<br> <hr>

Name: Joshua<br> Experience & skills:<br> *Pharmacology<br> *Skeletal muscle remodelling, Bodybuilding & Performance Enhancement Drugs Vascular biology, Angiogenesis, Ischemia & Hypoxia, ROS manipulation Training (E.G. resistance, weight, cardio, interval, etc )<br> *Electric Stimulation of tissues<br> *Therapeutic ultrasound<br> *IT Experience<br> *Machine learning ( evolutionary programming, SVM, optimization )<br> *Natural Language Processing & Text mining<br> <hr>

Name: KylaFae<br> Location: Gold Coast, Australia.<br> Employment: The studio I work out of is Flesh Impressions Body Piercing Studio<br> Active skill set:<br> *Body Piercing<br> *Suspension<br> *Magnetic Implant insertion<br> *Hygiene Infection and Control<br> *First Aid<br> Education/Certification:<br> *Outbreak of Infectious Disease (Control & Bio-terrorism)<br> *Anatomy & Physiology<br> *Practical Ethics<br> <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: Lucas_Dimovio<br> Lukas:<br> *Some experience in bacterial genetics<br> *Some experience in Chemistry labs ( First year college stuff)<br> *Ability to reach a large group of people (via University)<br> *Access to academic information (power-points, mainly) on biology (which may expand to include more subjects)<br> *Access to college educated individuals willing to contribute<br> In the process of learning<br> *Human genetics<br> *Mat Lab programing<br> *Integral and Vector calculus, differential equations<br> *Mechanical Engineering<br>

Slack/Forum Username: mezquite<br> Location:<br> Skills:<br> *Organic Chemistry<br> *Physical Chemistry<br> *Physics<br> *Upper Level Maths<br> *Matlab<br> Education:<br> <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: NeoSapiensSurgery<br> Skills:<br> *Physician *plastic surgeon Detailed knowledge of human anatomy and surgical procedures Active researcher into surgery of the peripheral nervous system Past skills:<br> *1 year of laboratory research into viral vectors (lentiviral vectors) for genetic modification, during medical school. <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: Simplex<br> Location: Southampton, UK<br> Skills:<br> *Variety of practical lab experience, private & public sector *Genetics & analytical *Minor surgical skills *Fine motor skills *Rudimentary electronics knowledge Education/Certification:<br> *BsC Forensic Science *1/2 PhD in Human Genetics *Visible Light Microscopy cert. *First Aid trained Currently a trainee Teacher. <hr> Slack/forum Username: Lex<br> Location:<br> Skills:<br> *Fairly extensive anatomical knowledge. *graphic design *animation *skills in the Adobe suite and many autodesk programs. Education/Certification:<br> <hr> Slack/Forum Username: dvorAk<br> Knowledge:<br> *Implants *surgery *dentistry *biosensors *biomaterials *embedded systems *alcohol(mainly whisky) *Engineering/CS Related <hr> Slack/forum Username: Azriel89 <br> Skills:<br> *Programing C++ Spin (proprietary Parallax inc. propeller language), Assembly S*ome Circuit design *HTML and CSS *Access to extensive collection of materials on most scientific topics (pdfs mostly) *Extensive Windows and Linux knowhow *Other varied tidbits of things i have picked up along the way. <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: bciuser <br> Location: Irvine, CA<br> Education/Certification:<br> *Biological Sciences Major at UC Irvine Studying:<br> *Working in a Brain-Computer Interface Lab Plans on earning a Ph.D. in neural engineering/ biomedical engineering to work towards developing neural augmentation devices for cognitively impaired and normal people. Skills:<br> *Basic Programming in C/C++ *Microcontroller programming *Circuit design Projects:<br> *Spatially Distributed FES System <hr>

Benbeezy I have 4 years of 3D printing to offer. And 3D modeling. I'm a programmer as a career, and can also help with any code anyone needs. <hr>

Slack/forum username: BirdMachine <br> Loacation:<br> Skills:<br> *html & css (plus less) *javascript *php *markdown *Some basic ruby *Lower level python (but it's on my radar to expand on next) *Low level C++ (Taking a class for it right now, actually) *Passing Java Knowledge *Linux (Both as a personal system and server/LAMP stack) *Android rooting / customizing *PC hardware (Building and repairing) *A bit of network security *Lockpicking (though rusty) *Performing arts / Circus (Currently training in aerial silks and flexibility conditioning, learning a lot about the body on the way!) <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: cerasi<br> Location:<br> Skills:<br> *basic electronics *arduinos and sensors *basic programming, in C, Java, Python, and Processing *some physics *mechanical engineering *neuroscience *robotics *experience teaching / explaining things well Education/Certification: Electrical Engineering<br> <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: drjaaz<br> Location:<br> skills:<br> *graphic design *3d modeling *suturing and am learning basic surgery *mycological practice and aseptic technique *skeletal rearticulation and basic taxidermy *some electrical engineering and programing *practiced chemist (did a bunch of work with explosives and some odd chemistry) *nuclear physics (fusion and particle accelerators mainly) *knowledge and experience designing and building high vacuum setups *nanoparticle fabrication Knowledge:<br> *currently studying genetics in school (undergrad)(and self taught synthetic genetics) (little bit of work designing vectors) work with artificial muscles.<br> plant biology <hr> Slack/Forum Username: MattGuy<br> Location: Seattle, WA area<br> Skills:<br> *Programming(various languages) *Hardware prototyping(NOT board design unfortunately) *Some biochemistry experience/genetics Degrees/Certifications:<br> *BS in Electronics Engineering <hr> Slack/Forum Username: Pax<br> Location:<br> Skills:<br> Knowledge:<br> *electricity *electronic *automation *electronic security *x-ray equipment *airport electronic systems Education/certification:<br> <hr> Slack/Forum Username: purplep<br> Location:<br> Skills:<br> *learning AI, will be learning networking soon *physics and chemistry to understand simpler things Education/Certification:<br> <hr> Slack/Forum Username: RandomCharacter Location:<br> Skills: *Undergrad Physics *Undergrad Math *Some Chemical Engineering Education/Certification: BS Engineering & Physics<br> <hr> Slack/forum Username: TimmyCNinja<br> Location:<br> Skills:<br> *C# *Python *C and C++ *Java *Web Development, a smattering of other languages *technical documentation *Linux *Windows *networking and infrastructure *math *project management *design *testing *SQL *android developement. <hr> TheGreyKnight<br> Location: College Student, Residing in Florida.<br> Skill Set:<br> *General Chemistry and Physics: Up to College level in Chemistry. *Intermediate level electronics *Metals *Lab Work: How to properly apply the scientific method and record ones findings, as taught in General Chemistry. *Programming: Java, Lua, C++, and Algorithm Composition *Psychology *Herbology/Homeopathy Very Basic skills *Pharmacology *Surgery: as taught by various army field manuals and Cassox. *Lasers: I've dabbled with lasers for different things. *Machinining *Nanotechnology *Artificial Intelligence *Lock Picking *Hypnosis *Rocket Science Degree Fields (Current Plan) *Software Engineering (Masters or PhD) Minor undetermined <hr>

ThomasEgi Location:<br> Education/Certification:<br> Skills:<br> *electrical engineering (pretty much complete lab at home) *software engineering (c on embedded systems and python on desktops) *mechanical engineering (no real workshop but good theoretical knowledge including dynamic systems) <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: Satur9<br> Location: Philadelphia <br> Skills:<br> *PCB design *Circuit design *Rapid prototyping *Microcontroller coding Others:<br> *Psychology *Body language *Hypnotism *Everything *Future plans *Become a polyglot *Microprocessor programming and implementation *Advanced metalworking <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: DirectorX<br> I'm an entrepreneur. I've owned/been involved in a wide variety of businesses internationally. I have a good grasp on the business end of everything. I'm not afraid to jump into new things and I'm never afraid or too embarrassed to ask questions. Here is where I can help: Knowledge:<br> *International business/finance. *Basic knowledge of business law. *Int'l corporate expansions. I'll set up a fully staffed office anywhere in the world for you. *Extensive real estate experience, especially deal syndication/repositioning. *Stock market *Oil/gas exploration. *Mind control.. <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: Ghost02236<br> Experience, skills and other helpful stuff:<br> *tattoo artist *piercing *stone-masonry (grave stones) *language skills (English, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish) *access to medical supplies and equipment Note: Is a tattoo artist with a studio <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: Oak<br> Location:<br> Skills:<br> *Writing/editing *Some graphic design *Some chemistry (one year undergrad general chem, still studying) *Some pharmacology (esp. psycho-pharmacology, particularly good at researching/interpreting info) *Music composition (if we ever make videos and want original music or something, I dunno - both traditional and electronic music, esp. ambient/drone/etc.)

I list writing/editing first because that's probably where I'm most useful here. I know English grammar very well, and I'm good at learning and adhering to various formatting standards. I can also do transcription work (typing speed 100WPM, 99% accuracy) if that ever needs to be done. <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: odei<br> Skills:<br> *Graphic design *mainly Photoshop (haven't used it for a couple of years though) *Web design (HTML, CSS, some PHP, not made anything in a couple of years, again) *Writing (Copy, scripts, creative writing, reviews, essays, pleas for money) *Working knowledge of computer hardware/software (building PCs, getting Linux to work on them, fixing everything). *Currently studying social science, maths, business, moving on to human physiology and biological psychology in my second year. <hr>

Slack/forum Username: gin<br> Location: Miami FL<br> Skills:<br> *RF<br> *programming<br> *biomechanics<br> *hardware prototyping<br> *ai<br> *ml<br> *solar energy<br> *optical communication<br> Degrees/Certifications:<br> *Amateur radio operator<br> *biomedical engineer<br> <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: Ekat<br> Location: Varies, currently in Australia<br> Skills: <br> Wanting to learn:<br> *transhumanity *writing *some web work Resources: *Not much. I can only have ideas and dreams. <hr>

Slack/Forum Username: Ninjah<br> Location: Ogden, Utah<br> Contact:<br> Skills: <br> *Bodily kinesthetics *tactical awareness *CQC, hypnotherapy *extensive persuasion *precision driving(2 & 4 wheels) *recon *lock picking *engine construction *welding *tattooing *piercing *psychological warfare *author *artist *hydroponics *energy generation(solar & manual) *outdoor & urban survival *weapons training. Profession:<br> *Professional sales Resources:<br> *Degree in Physics and Anthropology *large professional network. <hr>

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