A lot of new people come to the Grinder community after seeing something on You-Tube or in their favorite online article. Pumped with lofty ideas about gaining another sense and being able to feel the modern world around us, they just can't wait to stuff things inside them. Most of the time new people have vast misconceptions about what they can, and cannot do. Here is a list of common ideas people have that are wrong. <Hr>

;Sugru: Sugru is the brand name of a type of silicone rubber that sets on contact with air. It was commonly thought to be an excellent bioproofing material, however upon being tested the results were “Sugru is so bad, there isn't even a metric to describe how bad it is. Things like this are not fit to be put in the body”. “SFM tested it alongside TiN, Parylene, and some other materials and it broke up so easily that it couldn't so much as be tested by some methods. It also showed tons of fouling.” (Cassox)

'Do not attempt to use Sugru as a bioproofing material. <Hr> ;Hot Glue: Hot Glue is a thermoplastic adhesive, it was used by some to bioproof their implants. This is a terrible idea. Please do not do that. Hot Glue can be contaminated with literally anything, you have no idea where it comes from. Depending which sort you get, your body may destroy the glue, leaving you with an exposed implant. Hot glue is worse for bioproofing than Sugru, and Sugru is so bad there is no way to describe how bad it is. 'Do not attempt to use Sugru as a bioproofing material. <Hr>

;Vodka: Some have said that Vodka is a good way to sterilize implants. This is an old wive's tale. '''Alcohol is not an antiseptic. For better alternatives, see Chemical Sterilization. <Hr>

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