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Generally Accepted Formatting

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Markup Key

Generally Accepted Formatting

  • Titles of sections are made with a ==large heading== and followed by a horizontal line (----).
  • Subtitles are made with ===medium heading===.
  • Sub-subtitles can be made with **bolding**
  • The first section of an article does not always need a title. It is the description or introduction to the rest of the text.
  • Tables of Contents can be made at the beginning of an article by using ==Table of Contents==, followed by {{===Titles===}} and then listing subtitles under each title in a #numbered list followed by a horizontal line (----).
  • Do not put a horizontal line (----) after a Table of Contents if it is followed immediately by a title.
  • Tables of Contents cannot contain subtitles at this time because I can't get list subpoints to work properly.
  • Links to outside content are best when surrounding a single noun or title. For instance, it would be better to put a link around "cornucopia" instead of "flatulent cornucopia". In that example, the adjective is not important to the link. The exception to this rule is when the adjective is a part of the noun, like in "hypertensive crisis".
  • Empty/incomplete pages should have the title ==WORK IN PROGRESS==


  • '&'s do not format properly in wikipage links
  • '/'s in wikipage link will break the entire link
  • Text after a bullet needs 2 line breaks to return to normal spacing.
  • Subpoints don't work.