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hello, my skills are as follows
concept design
metal work
wood work
project management
chemistry(mostly basics with some knowledge into certain areas)
physics(same as chemistry)
minor surgery
lab write ups/procedures
and lots of other small things that may come up later.

i also start school soon to get into the local RN program


That being said, I hold a degree in Mortuary Science and that leads to the one thing I've really mastered - embalming and restorative art/demisurgery. This actually provides a number of useful skills:
Gross Anatomy
Surgical skill: Although, I've never had to worry about patient pain or death. I do have to worry about some infection - things like C. Perfringens which causes tissue gas in the deceased, but usually I take care of this with really toxic chemicals.
Sculpting: A pretty useful skill for lost wax castings and mold making of unusual parts.
Resourcefulness: There isn't a way to prepare for everything you see in a mortuary, so a lot of restorative art is just winging it.
Microbiology: Thanatomicrobiology is a great basis for general microbiology.
Chemistry: Thanatochemistry is also a great basis for chemistry in general.
Sterilization and Sanitation
Beyond the mortuary, I put myself through college working in IT (Disaster Recovery). I also have way t0o many projects and have had to pick up skills for those. The stuff I'm proficient in, but have never spent the time to master...
Circuit Design
Mechanical Engineering
Programming: C, C++, and ASM mostly.
Gunsmithing and Locksmithing: The fine machining and hand fit and finish work comes in handy for a lot of things.
Basic Genetic Manipulation
Tissue Culture and Plant Micropropagation
Really Basic Tissue Engineering
Ummm... Post-Impressionist Painting and Surrealist Sculpture? I just wanted to add another bullet point. I don't think this is really an applicable skill set.


College student/part time worker living in San Diego, CA.

FEMA Emergency Management

HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, SQL, Web design.
Past Projects:


Drafting, Design
Graphic Design
Mechanical/electrical experimentation


Experience & skills
Skeletal muscle remodelling, Bodybuilding & Performance Enhancement Drugs
Vascular biology, Angiogenesis, Ischemia & Hypoxia, ROS manipulation
Training (E.G. resistance, weight, cardio, interval, etc )
Electric Stimulation of tissues
Therapeutic ultrasound
IT Experience

Machine learning ( evolutionary programming, SVM, optimization )
Natural Language Processing & Text mining

Other Interests

Gastrointestinal ecology
Fermentation (E.G. bread, wine, yoghurt) & Exogenous digestion ie(enzymes & bacterial)
Statistical mechanics


Currently reside Gold Coast, Australia.
The studio I work out of is Flesh Impressions Body Piercing Studio

Active skill set:

Body Piercing
Magnetic Implant insertion
Hygiene Infection and Control
First Aid
Currently studying at university:

Outbreak of Infectious Disease (Control & Bio-terrorism)
Anatomy & Physiology
Practical Ethics

General self taught interests



Some experience in bacterial genetics
Some experience in Chemistry labs ( First year college stuff)
Ability to reach a large group of people (via University)
Access to academic information (power-points, mainly) on biology (which may expand to include more subjects)
Access to college educated individuals willing to contribute

In the process of learning -
Human genetics
Mat Lab programing
Integral and Vector calculus, differential equations
Mechanical Engineering


This DIY expression of transhumanism makes me feel energized. Nootropics, biofeedback, and the enlargement of sensory perception interest me. Time to join in the fun. My skills and knowledge as of May 2011:
lab experience with cloning/genetic recombination
formal training in biochemistry, will know methods by end of 2011
training in organic chemistry, physical chemistry, physics
math familiarity including calculus, differential equations, non-linear systems, modeling (using matlab)
self taught basic electronics from Horowitz and Hall Art of Electronics
playing with sensors, the Arduino platform
playing with brewing, welding, leather working


Physician, plastic surgeon
Detailed knowledge of human anatomy and surgical procedures
Active researcher into surgery of the peripheral nervous system
Past skills:

1 year of laboratory research into viral vectors (lentiviral vectors) for genetic modification, during medical school.
Future skills:

Upcoming fellowship training in hand and peripheral nerve surgery next year.
I'm very happy to discuss ideas and procedures and provide insight into anatomical and surgical matters, although I cannot give any formal medical advice to individuals on this forum.

I am very interested in discussions pertaining to the medical ethics of 'biohacking' and how a justification might one day be made for the practice to be accepted by the greater medical community.... just as the practice of 'unnecessary but desirable' cosmetic surgery is already accepted.

Finally, for those serious individuals with advanced degrees and technical ability who have the faculty to design novel and useful implants and are looking for a surgical collaborator to plan and help execute prototypes, I am very willing and interested to discuss privately how that might be done.


I'm a medical doctor at the beginning of my career, with some interest in surgery, psychiatry, psychology and a few other fields. I'll probably start a specialization in surgery next year.
I'm from Poland, we have 6 year long medical studies + 1 year long internship here before we get out medical licenses. As far as I know our medical licenses are 'compatible' with all EU countries, I don't know American system well enough to determine how those 7 years translate into your system.

This means two things:
1. I have a wide medical knowledge from a lot of areas as well as some knowledge and know how about medical, biological, biochemical, physiological etc. research fields, as well as probably anything else one could expect from a medical doctor.

2. I'm bound to do no harm, and (especially not being a surgeon-specialist) I would not and will not perform any surgery with home-brewed implants for the fear of losing my license. Also, everything I write should be treated as 'just theoretical discussion and not medical advice, if you want to do this consult your doctors first', and other such cover_my_ass BS. ;)

During my studies, of the more interesting points, I've done a tissue engineering basics course.

I have knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, programming, basic electronics and a variety of other topics at least at the 'I can understand what you're talking about' level because I'm very quick to pick up any new knowledge. I also like tinkering (even if I don't have a lot of free time to do so), so I know at least basics of soldering, metalworking and such.

Dreams on 'to do' list:
Making a working transdermal (and possibly in future implanted subdermal) electronics - nervous system communication bridge (I have peripheral nerves on my mind more than direct brain communication currently).
Working on cyberpunk kind of cybernetic prosthesis arms, legs and internal organs (I mean the medical grade stuff, not home grinding). I haven't found a place in my proximity that works on that yet though.
Making a working 'Iron Man' kind of exoskeletal suit (without sci-fi power source and flying probably ;P )


Is now known as Simplex:


Location: Southampton, UK
Skills: Variety of practical lab experience, private & public sector. Genetics & analytical. Minor surgical skills. Fine motor skills. Rudimentary electronics knowledge.

BsC Forensic Science
1/2 PhD in Human Genetics
Visible Light Microscopy cert.
First Aid trained
Currently a trainee Teacher.


Fairly extensive anatomical knowledge. Lots of interest. So im constanly learning new things about the body. Understanding of basic chemical components of the body and why they work the way they work (tissue types, blood, nervous tissue, etc.).
- graphic design
- animation
- skills in the Adobe suite and many autodesk programs.
- probably more that i cant remember right now.
(also id like to say im sorry about my spelling and grammar most of the time because i use my phone instead of a computer and capilatization, apostrophes, and whatnot are a waste of time. If you cant understand something just ask me to repeat.)


embedded systems
alcohol(mainly whisky)

Engineering/CS Related


Programing: C++ Spin (proprietary Parallax inc. propeller language), Assembly
Some Circuit design
Access to extensive collection of materials on most scientific topics (pdfs mostly)
Extensive Windows and Linux knowhow
Other varied tidbits of things i have picked up along the way.


Location: Irvine, CA
Biological Sciences Major at UC Irvine
Working in a Brain-Computer Interface Lab
Plans on earning a Ph.D. in neural engineering/ biomedical engineering to work towards developing neural augmentation devices for cognitively impaired and normal people.

  • Basic Programming in C/C++
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Circuit design


  • Spatially Distributed FES System


I have 4 years of 3D printing to offer. And 3D modeling. I'm a programmer as a career, and can also help with any code anyone needs.


Basic rundown
html / css (plus less) / javascript / php / markdown
Some basic ruby
Lower level python (but it's on my radar to expand on next)
Low level C++ (Taking a class for it right now, actually)
Passing Java Knowledge
Linux (Both as a personal system and server/LAMP stack)
Android rooting / customizing
PC hardware (Building and repairing)
A bit of network security
Lockpicking (though rusty)
Performing arts / Circus (Currently training in aerial silks and flexibility conditioning, learning a lot about the body on the way!)


I am generally good at designing and making things, in many different contexts. I'm getting an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, with a focus on biological applications, so I'll be learning some things that are very relevant to biohacking.

Some skills I can offer now are:
basic electronics, and experience playing with arduinos and sensors
basic programming, in C, Java, Python, and Processing
some physics, mechanical engineering, and neuroscience
experience with robotics
experience teaching / explaining things well
willingness to experiment on myself, if the risks are sufficiently low
many geeky friends with varied skill sets whom I could probably enlist to help with projects

Over the next couple years I'll be learning more about:
circuit analysis and signal processing
medical imaging
neuroengineering / neural prosthesis
C++, Matlab, and useful lab techniques


currently a student but work in a lab that me and a guy are building (gonna do loads of biohacking in it amongst other insanity)

rather long odd list of skills:
wood working
graphic design
3d modeling
fire breathing
suturing and am learning basic surgery
mycological practice and aseptic technique
skeletal rearticulation and basic taxidermy
some electrical engineering and programing
practiced chemist (did a bunch of work with explosives and some odd chemistry)
nuclear physics (fusion and particle accelerators mainly)
knowledge and experience designing and building high vacuum setups
nanoparticle fabrication
currently studying genetics in school (undergrad)(and self taught synthetic genetics) (little bit of work designing vectors)
work with artificial muscles
plant biology
Lots of side projects i can't really talk about but hopefully will do some cool stuff with you guys


Based in Surrey, UK

I'm a professional developer using C#, Java, SQL Server, Oracle, web stuff.

Electronics - including home etching PCB.
Microcontrollers - mostly MSP430 / ARM stuff. Never Arduino.
CNC - milling, laser cutting, 3D printing.
Other - kitesurfing and cycling

Why I'm here:
Have an xNT implant. Might get a magnet.


I am a software engineer and project manager.
Skills :
Project management
Requirement and specification analysis
Software conception & development (iOS, JAVA, .NET)
Some knowledge about : IA and human robot interaction, augmented reality, etc ...


Boolean logic, circuit theory, electronics
General microprocessor design and programming (Machine Language)
Background in IT and electronic repair
Assured information systems and penetration testing
Encryption applications and cipher design
Mobile device modification (From Android customization to bottom-up proprietary design)
Introductory-level Chemistry experience (more lab than theoretical)
Working knowledge of kinetics and basic mechanical engineering
Graphic Design (but not drawing.)
CAD for architectural and mechanical design
Real-world Application:
Lockpicking (I thought it'd look good on a security-oriented resume.)
Military background
Light/heavy vehicle maintenance and repair
Small arms repair and intermediate training
In like, awesome shape. Kek.

CompTIA A+
Cisco Certified Networking Associate
Cisco Specialist Security Certification (up for renewal)
ACA in Photoshop and Illustrator



Graphic Design
Sculpting (Clay, stone, metal, whatever.)
Concept Sketching
Working knowledge of physics and basic mechanics.
A+ Cert(in progress/novice)
DC Electronics
Quantum Mechanics(in progress/novice)
Skeptic (Knowledgeable of logical fallacies)
Moral Philosopher
TDCs building/experience
Machine tooling
I can kludge like a mofo?


Location: Seattle, WA area
Skills: Programming(various languages), Hardware prototyping(NOT board design unfortunately), Some biochemistry experience/genetics
Degrees/Certifications: BS in Electronics Engineering


I have knowledge in:

electronic security
x-ray equipment
airport electronic systems



Programming: pretty language agnostic, use the right hammer for the screw and such.

some electrical engineering, want to learn more but need money

currently learning AI, will be learning networking soon

enough physics and chemistry to understand simpler things

can design stuff, not super great at it though

Other interests

robotics: once I have money...

augmented reality


My degree is in a hybrid engineering/physics field at the B.S. level. I'm interested in a lot of things, but not a master of anything. I am interested in nootropics particularly at the moment. It seems like increasing ones available intelligence is the surest way to figure out everything else IMO.

My skills & knowledge include:

Undergraduate Physics
Math through basic partial differential equations & some advanced probability distributions.
Some chemical engineering up to & including chemical kinetics & unit operations.
General understanding of chemistry, but not specialized in it at all.
Mathcad & a little bit of R.
Welding & machining, although I lack mill & lathe access at the moment. I've also done some brewing & a little robotics.
I've done some work with modifying complex & random co-polymers(lignin) for more desirable properties.
Some electronics.
Other things that happen to have slipped my mind at the moment.


I am a tinkerer. I professionally write software. In my private time I work with an electrical engineer to build various devices to attempt to get great technology to everyone. We are currently trying to recreate Pranav Mistry's Sixth Sense device, I am writing code dealing with AI, Neural Networks, and Genetic Algorithms. We will be moving on to southpaw once my newly implanted magnets set! Happy grinding!

C and C++
Web Development
a smattering of other languages
technical documentation
networking and infrastructure
project management
android developement.


College Student, Residing in Florida.

Active Skill Set:

General Chemistry and Physics: Up to College level in Chemistry.
Intermediate level electronics: as taught by my father and various books. Basics of Circuit theory, things involving magnets, high voltages, and induction, Soldering, and troubleshooting. I've also done some experimentation with electrical stimulation of the muscles
Metals: Basic Metallurgy, Smithing, Refining and properties
Lab Work: How to properly apply the scientific method and record ones findings, as taught in General Chemistry.
Programming: Java, Lua, C++, and Algorithm Composition
Martial Skill: Stealth, Escape and Evasion, Tactics, Reconnaissance, and Mixed Martial Arts.
Weapons: Fabricating, Maintaining, and using weapons of almost any era, from swords and clubs to nuclear weapons and thermobaric weapons. I also possess a fair knowledge of what kind of injuries they inflict.
Psychology: Completed General Psychology. Already possess a working knowledge, acquired by real-world experiments and applications, but lack the fancy terms, history, and finer aspects of this field.
Books, Literature, and Rapid Information Acquisition: I read things at a terrifying rate. If you need a large amount of literature analyzed, or resources and research acquired in a short period of time, I'm your man (Unless I'm busy with another project.)
Parkour and Advanced Mobility: Basically, how to get from Point A to Point B in the most direct manner possible. This may not directly be useful, but some of the things I've learned about bones, joints, and impact dissipation might be useful.
Herbology/Homeopathy: I've been making herbal teas and using plants and herbs of various sorts to help with a myriad of illnesses, injuries and situations. I've also got access to some excellent guides.
Dabbling and Very Basic skills
Pharmacology: Know some of the basics from my mother.
Surgery: as taught by various army field manuals and Cassox.
Lasers: I've dabbled with lasers for different things, and will hopefully get my hands on a more powerful one soon.
Machining: I've started learning how to use mills, metal lathes, and CNC machines in my free time
Nanotechnology: I've got a little bit of knowledge on Carbon Nanomaterials and some of the quirks that surround them. Other than that, not much.
Artificial Intelligence: I've dabbled in AI programming and technology off and on for a few years now. I'd like to eventually acquire a working knowledge in this field.
Lock Picking: This has given me a very good feel for subtle sensations and changes in a system or device.
Hypnosis: Something I'm studying actively. I've mainly been focusing on Self-Hypnosis, and had mixed results so far.
Rocket Science: I did model rocketry for a number of years in my middle school and earlier high school days, and I've literally grown up around the space program, So I've got a decent grasp on the mechanics of Rockets.
Degree Fields (Current Plan)
Software Engineering (Masters or PhD)
Minor undetermined

Future Interests
A degree in psychology
Training in Fencing
Life Extension
Neural Augmentation
Pilot's License


electrical engineering (pretty much complete lab at home)
software engineering (c on embedded systems and python on desktops)
mechanical engineering (no real workshop but good theoretical knowledge including dynamic systems)


Location: Philadelphia
>PCB design
>Circuit design
>Rapid prototyping
>Microcontroller coding





Body language
Future plans

Become a polyglot
Microprocessor programming and implementation
Advanced metalworking
World domination


I'm an entrepreneur. I've owned/been involved in a wide variety of businesses internationally. I have a good grasp on the business end of everything. I'm not afraid to jump into new things and I'm never afraid or too embarrassed to ask questions. Here is where I can help:
International business/finance.
Basic knowledge of business law.
Int'l corporate expansions. I'll set up a fully staffed office anywhere in the world for you.
Extensive real estate experience, especially deal syndication/repositioning.
Stock market shit.
Oil/gas exploration.
Mind control..
I like disruptive innovations and technology. I'm a good guy to chat with if you need to hash out an idea. Here is my pretentious linkedin account if you want to add me:


Well... I'm working with an engineer friend and some other guys on a wearable augmentation suit so I can be a superhero in LA. Some of the things we're trying to incorporate might be miniaturized and become useful in the context... but I'm afraid most of the ones that occur to me immediately would have to be transdermal to work... and the general consensus is that's bad, I think.

And I have a military background and have traveled a lot and seen strange things. And I can do art.

I find this whole thing absolutely irresistable and terrifying at the same time -- I'm not sure I could summon the courage to perform even superficial surgery on myself. Anyway, it's a moot point for the next two years until I retire from the army.


Experience, skills and other helpful stuff:

tattoo artist, piercing
stone-masonry (grave stones and shit)
language skills (English, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish)
access to medical supplies and equipment
access to wide range of drugs and pharmaceuticals
Am willing to experiment with any new mods. Let me know if I can help with anything and I´ll do my best. Will add body modification to this list soon(subdermal, microdermal and If what I´m working on works, even transdermal). Am planning to extend my tattoo studio to body mod and aug studio. Looking forward to work with you


Some graphic design
Some chemistry (one year undergrad general chem, still studying)
Some pharmacology (esp. psycho-pharmacology, particularly good at researching/interpreting info)
Music composition (if we ever make videos and want original music or something, I dunno - both traditional and electronic music, esp. ambient/drone/etc.)

I list writing/editing first because that's probably where I'm most useful here. I know English grammar very well, and I'm good at learning and adhering to various formatting standards. I can also do transcription work (typing speed 100WPM, 99% accuracy) if that ever needs to be done.


I don't have any concrete skills at the moment, but I've had some experience in a few fields and I'm pretty quick to pick things up (I always read the manual).

Graphic design, mainly Photoshop (haven't used it for a couple of years though)
Web design (HTML, CSS, some PHP, not made anything in a couple of years, again)
Writing (Copy, scripts, creative writing, reviews, essays, pleas for money)
Working knowledge of computer hardware/software (building PCs, getting Linux to work on them, fixing everything).
Currently studying social science, maths, business, moving on to human physiology and biological psychology in my second year.


I'm a student, high school, fifteen, Long Island. I'm the future of the world!


amateur art
graphic design
good people skills??
an okay writer
...I don't have a lot of skills yet, but I will have skills at some point, hopefully! 'Potential to have skills someday' is like a skill in and of itself.


Hello. I live in Binghamton, NY.I have no particular skills in science or technology, except for what I have chosen to learn. I am an artist. I was interested in the occult and black magic at one point, and later became interested in paranormal subjects like psychic ability, which led me to magnetic and electromagnetic research. I'm interested in martial arts. And as you all are, I'm interested in enhancing normal human abilities, along with achieving new ones, via augmentation, whether it be biological, or technological. I'm interested in working with other people on various projects, both on the internet or in person, so please feel free to contact me with any requests you might have.

Ninja: Stealth tactics, Reconnaissance, Infiltration, Espionage, Sabotage, Improvised Devices. Knowledge of Guerrilla warfare, Psychological Warfare, Biological/Chemical Warfare, and Hand to Hand or Close Quarters Combat. Proficient with swords, throwing knives, knives, chains, nunchaku, crossbows, and pretty much anything that could be used as a weapon.
Artist: Painting, Sculpting, Guitar, Keyboard, Clothing Design, Drawing, and Writing.
Homeopathic Medicine: I know properties of various natural substances, that can be used to enhance ones quality of health, and improve natural functions, as well as be used to treat, cure, or prevent illnesses.
Psychic: I'm involved in creating and utilizing psychic based technology, and increasing natural psychic ability through technology. This includes magnetic / electromagnetic fields, psychotronic devices, generators and weapons.


Location: Miami FL
Skills: RF, programming, biomechanics, hardware prototyping, ai, ml, solar energy, optical communication
Degrees/Certifications: amateur radio operator, biomedical engineer


Location: Varies, currently in Australia
Skills: Wanting to learn transhumanity, writing, some web work
Resources: Not much. I can only have ideas and dreams.
Ideas And Dreams: Using /proper/ nanotech for enhancements. The ethics of siliconing up. I have so many questions and ideas.


Location: Ogden, Utah
Contact: [email protected]
Skills: Bodily kinesthetics, tactical awareness, CQC, hypnotherapy, extensive persuasion, precision driving(2 & 4 wheels), recon, lock picking, engine construction, welding, tattooing, piercing, psychological warfare, author, artist, hydroponics, energy generation(solar & manual), outdoor & urban survival, weapons training.
Profession: Professional sales
Resources: Degree in Physics and Anthropology, large professional network.


Location: Plymouth, MA USA
Skills: Soldering, law, semi-legal sneakiness, knowledge of wildlife biology, tactical driving/firearms training/instructor.
Profession: Natural resource technician (hopefully wildlife warden soon)

Self teaching snip its of biology, chemistry, and all around electronic tinker with interest in robotics.