Magnetic Implant Questions

Q. Where can I get me some magnets?

A. Well, one way would be to start a thread on the forum under "Group-buy" asking for volunteers to share a batch of magnets that you buy, or to volunteer for someone else's group buy. If you want to get them on your own, you should be able to get some from Supermagnetman, V&P Scientific or magnets4less.

Q: Where can I get neodymium magnets for implantation?

A: First of all, for legal reasons, we cannot send you magnets when you specifically request them for that purpose. If you accidentally hurt yourself performing the procedure, we want to make sure we can't be held legally responsible.

As for where to get the magnets, one such place is on this forum. We have previously organised a successful group buy of magnets, and if you wish to organise one of your own, you may post on the discussion forum under the category "Group-buy".

Failing that, you should try Steve Haworth's website, this supplier in Germany or Supermagnetman. If all else fails, you can get some neodymium magnets without coating fairly cheaply, but before implantation you must coat them with something bioproof, preferably not hot glue or a silicone rubber called Sugru. Please see here and here for further warnings. Consider other bioproofing alternatives for your magnets.

Q. How do I get these things inside of me?

A. You can find a list of piercers willing to do it at the wiki page on that subject.

Alternatively, some people have taken to putting these things inside themselves, with a DIY surgery. If you do this, please ensure you take the proper steps such as sterilization, checking the coating, proper tools and pain relief. Information on implantation is available in the community dropbox folder

Q. Do these magnets erase hard drives/credit cards/whatever?

A. No. The idea that magnets can erase hard drives or credit cards is actually a partial myth, in the sense that while it is possible for a magnetic field to erase these things, the field required to do this is out of the range of any household magnet, and far out of the range of the implants. If you're really concerned about your hard drive and don't want to take even this slim risk, solid state drives are another option, though an expensive one.

Q. What happens if I get a MRI scan?

A. Good question. It was originally thought that the MRI would rip an implant out of your finger (ouch!), but a few people have gotten MRI scans with the implants, with no ill effects. In fact, it's probably more likely for the implant's vibrations to cook your insides than for it to be ripped out (which I'm sure is very comforting). However, MRI technicians make a living out of covering up things that might cause problems, so there shouldn't be too much of a problem if you tell them about your implant. A MRI scan isn't an emergency procedure, so there's no chance that you'll be unconscious and unable to tell the technicians about the implant before the scan.

Q. How likely is it that the implant will demagnetize in my lifetime?

A. Not very. Ordinary magnets take thousands of years to demagnetize completely, and these neodymium ones should take even longer.

Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different implant sizes and shapes?

A. This is still a bit controversial, and there's not much of a consensus. There've been arguments on both sides of the size debate, ranging from things like sensitivity to likelihood of rejection to pain. Same thing with shape; usually, disk-shaped implants are used, but there have been recent attempts at using cylindrical ones.

Q. Can I put an implant in my [insert body part here]?

A. If you want to gain the "magnetic vision" sense, then the fingertips and the genitals are the only places they've been demonstrated to work. The lips are also a possibility, but this hasn't really been demonstrated.

Q. Can I attach a magnet to a bone to keep it from moving around too much?

A. We really suggest you don't mess around with/close to your bones, unless you really know what you're doing. Bones are covered in a sensitive skin and messing with them can really go wrong.

Q. Can I go through airport security okay or could they declare it a flight risk?