Last Resort Pain Management


none of these are suggested. These are simply a couple of pain management techniques for self surgery if anasthetics are not at all available.

Techniques And Why

- Ice: Ice the knife, scalpel, needle, etc. that you are using to create an opening. And not only the tools, but also the area you will be cutting. Lay the ice on the area for some time to allow for the nerves to start numbing. Do not rush this process.

- Block your teeth: No matter what pain management techniques you use, if they do not sufficiently numb the nerve endings, use this technique. Find a towel and put it under some cool water, put this between your teeth and enjoy. There are plenty of other things you can find to do the same thing. As long as its somewhat soft and will stop you from biting your tongue off or cracking your teeth, it works. This may sound unbelievably unpleasant, but it is much better than another possible outcome.

- Different cutting tools: This may not be possible with most implants, but if your implant just happens to be long, thin and cylindrical, a needle might be a better option to make an opening. Despite the size of a needle needed to make a large enough opening, it will cut far fewer nerves. The fewer nerves hit, the less painful the procedure.

- Gauze or other ways of stopping bloodflow: This may sound strange as a way to stop pain, but gauze can stop pain inderectly. The longer it takes to get an implant in, the more pain you will go through. Also, the more times you take trying to insert an implant, the more unnecesarry pain you are putting yoursef through.