Anatomy basics

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So you want to learn anatomy and physiology

So there are a few methods to learn this. The best option is to take a university course or 12, maybe go to med school, the usual ways. But that takes effort and money and we're all broke and lazy. SO here's your first step in the right direction:
Crash course a/p

Now that you've had your crash course, you'll be better equipped to understand the terminology and tissues you'll need to do any of the experimentation we do. This is not the end though and you should now take what you've learned and run with it. Learn as much as you can since what we do is dangerous. I would still recommend taking a few anatomy courses at your local university to really get familiar with this. You'll even get to dissect things to see how it all fits together. For anatomy there is no better way to learn than to see how the things work on a specimen that isn't yourself and have someone there to instruct you.