Who We Are

The mission of biohack.me is to promote talk in the self-biohacker community.

Grinders are passionate individuals who believe the tools and knowledge of science belong to everyone.

Grinders practice functional (sometimes extreme) body modification in an effort to improve the human condition. We hack ourselves with electronic hardware to extend and improve human capacities.

Grinders believe in action, our bodies the experiment.

Grinder Wiki

Enhancements - External devices

Enhancements - Exercise and Lifestyle

Enhancements - Supplements, Pharmaceuticals and Nootropics

Modifications - Implantable devices

Device Design Considerations

Tools and Test Protocols


Community Resource Library

Community Directory



Medical Education

Mechanical Education

Computer Science Education

Miscellaneous Education

Quick Links

Piercers and Body Modders

Sources for Implantable Magnets

Becoming a Modder

Wiki Markup Key

Skill Register

Regional Groups and Labs

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